hosted by: Latent Design                                                              2015


The inaugural ACD Fellowship was designed for architects looking to launch their own projects, practice, or adapting their practice to be more socially engaged. For two weeks, the ACD Fellow was embedded within another architecture firm working on a community design project. Time and focus was spent on the business of social design, with the firm acting as a mentor, advocate, and sharing how they execute contracts, source projects, analyze, market, manage and operate the practice. 

Allentza Michel joined host firm Latent Design and community partner Foundations College Prep in Chicago, for a 2-week intensive project where they will collaborate with the school and students to create microstructures as part of an outdoor classroom master plan. 

Allentza Michel is a Boston native who brings 14 years of diverse experience including community revitalization, education, urban planning, environmental public health, and policy reform. Her deep engagement and youth development expertise will resonate throughout the project.