ACD 44 2021 Program Schedule 9/23

ACD2021: Designing in the Apocalypse
Design/ing in the Apocalypse
11:30-12:30 EST

Presented by: Liz Ogbu with Ujijji Davis-Williams, and Ifeoma Ebo



Apocalypse comes from the ancient Greek word that meant "revelation" or "unveiling." 2020, from the pandemic and the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor among too many others, brought a whole new level of clarity. It lay bare to a greater number of people the landscape of injustice and oppression that has long been in existence. And as 2021 has progressed, we have seen that a new year, a new vaccine, and a new president has not meant that all wounds automatically healed. If anything, this year has hammered home the endemic nature of the conditions we face, the unprocessed grief we individually and collectively hold, and the need to focus on repair and healing not a “return to normal.” As designers, these concepts can feel unwieldy and disconnected from what we do. But as the ones who shape the physical environment in which we all live in, design/ers have too often been complicit in the harm. This talk will explore what it means to wrestle with that and discuss what it could mean to negotiate issues of race and space in service of repair and healing.

ACD2021: Mapping Power for Collaborative Change
Mapping Power for Collaborative Change
12:45-1:45 EST

Presented by: Melisa Betts Sanders + Liz Kramer



In this interactive workshop, participants will practice the skills of identifying the people, organizations, and systems that hold the power, and create visual maps showing participants' collective understanding of who has power, who can influence change, and how those people can be motivated to create more just processes and outcomes.

ACD2021: Architecture Beyond Capitalism School ACD2021: PechaKucha Designing in Right Relation
ACD2021: Neighborhood Design After COVID
Pecha Kucha Architecture Beyond Capitalism School Designing in Right Relation Neighborhood Design after COVID
2:00 - 3:00 EST

Presented by: 
Architecture Beyond Capitalism School: Peggy Deamer, Valerie Lechene, Natalie Leonard, Palmyra Geraki
Designing In Right Relation: Ashton Hamm, Alice Armstrong
Neighborhood Design after COVID: Katherine Sacco, Andrew Brown, Diana Araujo, Martha Snow



ABC: The Architecture Beyond Capitalism (ABC) School stems from a belief that architecture schools do not teach what and how they ethically should. The ABC School furnishes an alternative rooted in a critical interrogation of the structures and systems of power that have made progress difficult within design professions and institutions.

Designing In Right Relation: uxo architects (Ashton Hamm and Alice Armstrong) will discuss their ongoing involvement with the Wiyot Tribe and Cooperation Humboldt in co-developing a vision and implementation plan for Dishgamu Humboldt - an indigenous-led, housing-focused community land trust in Northern California.

Neighborhood Design after COVID: In this session, the Urban Design Forum and Van Alen Institute will share their work on Neighborhoods Now, a pandemic-response community design initiative, and reflect on challenges and provocations for shifting crisis-response efforts into long-term sustainability.

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