ACD 44 2021 Program Schedule 9/24

ACD2021: The Visible Invisible Voter Experience Design of Dallas County
The Visible & Invisible Voter Experience Design of Dallas County
12:00-1:00 EST

Presented by: Christina Hahn + Collin Yarbrough



Analysis of the visible design (graphics & interfaces) and invisible design (experience, economic barriers, time constraints, education levels) of the voter's experience in Dallas County, TX. It examines the intersections of race, class, and able-bodiedness exacerbate the challenges of voting in one of the most difficult states to vote in.

ACD2021: Acknowledge Listen Undoing Colonial Design in Massachusetts
Acknowledge + Listen: Undoing Colonial Design in Massachusetts
1:15-1:15 EST

Presented by: Katherine Shozawa + Chelsea Johnson + Madeline Meyer



In the 2020-21 academic year, a team of design students in Cambridge, MA worked with local and national Native advisors and legislative staff to support a bill to reconsider the racist seal, motto, and flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The students co-designed a public art installation and accompanying podcast.

AARP session Promo Graphic
Equity by Design - Creating Housing and Multigenerational Communities with AARP
2:30 - 3:30 EST

Presented by: Esther Greenhouse + Preeti Sodhi + Fernando Gomez



As we emerge from a tragic pandemic, let’s catalyze action among professionals in the fields that shape the physical housing and communities where we live, enabling every resident to thrive. This especially means centering the needs and voices of marginalized people, including older adults. In this session, AARP International will share strategies and tools to achieve that including their newly established Equity by Design Principles created by and for built environment sector professionals. The High Line and Penn South Program for Seniors will also share their place-based approaches for older adult engagement and programming in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.


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