ACD envisions a practice of design that dismantles systemic injustice and creates an equitable built environment.

Through our programs, we provide resources, connections, and support for practitioners working to advance equity and justice in the built environment.

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We are a membership organization and so much more. 

We are a group of value-aligned individuals, design practices and organizations that believe in:


Buildings, streets, open spaces, cities, and systems must be designed to welcome, protect, and work for all members of a community, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or place of birth. Design must ensure community self-determination and control at every step of the process. 


We acknowledge that design practitioners have a role in addressing injustice and we hold ourselves and our allied professions responsible for transforming design practice. We reflect on our systems, internal and institutional, and we change those that don't work for justice. 

Radical Partnerships

Our collaborations are rooted in supportive and non-competitive union. 


We believe the most relevant and responsive solutions are a result of inter-generational and interdisciplinary team collaboration that holds life experience as equal to academic and professional knowledge.