Our Organization

The Association for Community Design (ACD) envisions a practice of design that dismantles systemic injustice and creates an equitable built environment. Through our programs, we provide resources, connections, and support for practitioners working to advance equity and justice in the built environment.

Established in 1977, ACD is a network of individuals, organizations, and institutions committed to increasing the capacity of planning and design professions to better serve communities. ACD's mission, vision, and values serve and support practitioners, educators, and organizations engaged in community-based design and planning.

ACD is incorporated as a 501(c)3 membership organization and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Membership is open to both organizations and individuals. The dues collected by ACD support the annual conference, webinars, program development, and membership services.

ACD By-Laws


Our Committees

All are welcome to join, contribute, and support our growing community of practice. ACD works through six committees that lead our programs and operations.

Conference +
Fellowship +
Research +

Join the Conference and Convenings Committee if you enjoy connecting people with information, ideas, and have a knack for planning + organizing. You’ll have the opportunity to work with thought leaders, practitioners, and researchers around the country, leveraging ACD’s resources and network to share critical perspectives with other community practitioners!

We coordinate local, regional, and national events both online and in-person including ACD's annual conference and monthly webinars to connect practitioners and support learning, networking, and professional growth.

Join the Fellowship and Mentorship Committee if you are interested in changing the field of community design by changing who has access to it, who leads, and how. In this committee, you will build an understanding of how to create an intentional and equitable community of practice at all levels of professional development.

We make space for informal peer-to-peer mentorship relationships that support the diversity of our membership’s design practices including Embodied Practice Workshops and Circles of Practice

Join the Research and Resources Committee if you get excited about gathering and sharing information and want to explore emerging topics in community design with a team of leaders in the field. You’ll contribute to strategic conversations about how ACD can better support community designers and help shape projects and programs that aim to advance the field of community design. 

We connect members with toolkits and practical resources, events, and professional development opportunities including the release of original racial justice research, an online resource hub, and a new publication for members' work.

Organizational Development
Membership + Partnership

Join the Organizational Development Committee if you enjoy strategic thinking, and have a knack for connecting the dots. You can learn the basics of nonprofit operations, financial management, and have the opportunity to influence ACD’s direction. You’ll gain an understanding of the field of community design alongside a team of leading practitioners.

Join the Communications Committee if you are interested in helping to amplify the ACD network, connect with members, and bring more people into the world of community design. The ACD Communications committee is the place for anyone looking to volunteer time and skills in lifting up the work of our partners, helping with ACD graphics, tech and web design, social media, video editing, interviews, member takeovers, and more.

Join the Membership and Partnership Committee if you interested in understanding the network of organizations and people that make ACD so meaningful. By joining the Membership and Partnership committee, you will have an opportunity to help us articulate & showcase the value of ACD to its members and direct new partnerships to support our programmatic work.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Monique Brown

Kimberly Burrowes

Alexandra Gonzalez

Nick Guertin

Chana Haouzi


Seema Kairam

Chazandra Kern

Chris Lezama

Lizzie MacWillie

Jason Minter

Julia Lindgren

Desiree Powell

Camila Rodriguez Rey

Michelle Stadelman

Sharonda Whatley

Isabelle Yisak

Mauricio Vargas

Kelsey Zlevor

ACD 2021 Board of Directors


Past Board Members

Maria Bergh, Chris Daemmrich, Siboney Diaz-Sanchez, Melisa Sanders, Preeti Sodhi, Stephen Klimek, Josh Budiongan, Kristen Chin, Shannon Arms, Rashidah Williams, Alexa Bosse, Allie O'Neill, Ifeoma Ebo, Shalini Agrawal, Gilad Meron, Rebecca Bucky Willis, Heidi Schattin, Ashley Flintoff, Nikia Hill, Mark Matel, Theresa Hwang, Jess Blanch, Ann Panopeio, Ed Orlowski, Kevin Singh, Thor Erikson, James Wheeler, Nneka Sobers, Ryan Rinn, Mallory Baches, Katherine Darnstadt, Trinity Simons, Patrick McDonnell, Andrew Londre, Ceara O'Leary, Jeff Jou, Kelly Heyer, Sarah Abel,David Perkes, Virginia Stanard, Laura Shipman, Brandy Brooks, Daniel Glenn, Casius Pealer, Peter Aeschbacher, Carey Clouse, John Cary, Jess Zimbabwe, Kathy Dorgan, Jody Beck, Joni Monroe, Jonothan Peiffer, Sue Thering, Neil toro, Melissa Threatt, Ann Forsythe, Anne-Marie Lubenau, Sandra Mallory, Alex Salazar, Stephen Goldsmith, Elizabeth Gilboy, Colin Arnold, Jeanice Centouri, Beth Miller, Katie Swenson, Scott Ball, Connie Chung, Rex Curry, Michael Rios, - just to name a few!