The Association for Community Design (ACD) is a membership organization connecting practitioners engaged in creating equitable, healthy, and resilient communities since 1977. Originally conceived as a professional networking organization for leaders of community design centers, since 2014 ACD has expanded program offerings and focused more explicitly on dismantling systemic injustice and supporting built-environment professionals engaged in creating more just and equitable communities across the rural-urban transect.

Your contribution will support the advancement of more racially just design, planning, and public space practice in two ways; general conference planning and logistics, and sponsorship of attendees and/or speakers. Plus, you will have the knowledge that you are directly supporting a volunteer-led, non-profit organization working to support practitioners in your field to meet each other, learn together, and design with communities.

See below for a range of sponsorship options:


$250 THANKS!
Conference Registration + 1-year ACD Membership + $50 contribution to the Convening Scholarship Pool
Contribution gains you access to the 1.5-day convening, 1-year membership to ACD, and a $50 contribution to a “Scholarship Pool” of funds which will be utilized to create convening scholarships supporting attendance fees for emerging practitioners who would not otherwise be able to attend.
"Thanks! Package” +  A sponsored registration for another person
Contribution allows you to fully sponsor attendance and gift a 1-year individual ACD membership to another person. You may select to give this to someone you know, or “donate” them to the Scholarship Pool.


Mention in program, conference kickoff & social media; Conference Registration for 2 individuals
Your organizations’ name, location, and website will be mentioned on conference website and print material, they will be mentioned during the ACD opening on the first day, included in the continuous slide-shows seen throughout convening, and included in select ACD Instagram and Twitter posts during the event. Note: All social media and website posts include website links and social media tags.
“Shoutout” Package + Conference Registration for 3+ individuals, 1-year ACD Organizational Membership and sponsorship of a breakfast or snack hour
Contribution supports food, beverage, equipment, and space (if needed) for a breakfast or snack hour during the conference. Sponsors can select what meal they prefer. The sponsor will be mentioned specifically during the event. Options to sponsor the opening reception or closing party at a higher rate are also available. Contact ACD convening planning staff if interested.
“Shoutout” Package +  Conference Registration for 5+ individuals, Sponsorship of Keynote Speaker
Sponsorship of the keynote speaker who will speak at the beginning of day two of the convening. Contribution will cover the speaker's honorarium.
“Shoutout” Package + Conference Registration for 5+ individuals,  Support an entire workshop session or tour for the attendees to participate in throughout the convening
Each session has a distinct theme to build towards personal and professional development, community contribution, and organizational growth. Contribution will cover facilitation costs and allow local community groups to participate, day-of logistical support, space fees, any transportation relative to community-based sessions or tours, equipment rentals, and video/audio documentation of select sessions offered within each workshop.
“Shoutout Package” + Conference Registration for 5+ individuals, Contribution to the Convening Scholarship Pool, and support one of ACD’s three core programs over the next year
Contribution will support attendance for 10 participants through the Scholarship Pool providing attendance fees for emerging practitioners who would not otherwise be able to attend, and a one-year featured sponsorship for one of ACD’s core program areas including Convening trainings and webinars, Fellowship cohorts and Circles of Practice sessions, and Research publications and field building resources.

All sponsorship packages can be secured online or via check mailed to:

Association for Community Design
C/O Li Lam
290 Congress St, Suite 200
Boston MA 02210

Total Amount