October 19, 2023, 1:30 PM Central
4 Hour Session
The First Presbyterian Church of Chicago at 6400 S Kimbark Avenue Chicago, IL 60637
Wayfinding Map for the Venue

During this interactive workshop, DMU will activate guiding principle 02: New Forms of Institutions by co-creating an advocacy campaign.  The intention is to collaborate, generate, and collate resources that redistribute power and lift up marginalized voices in firms, design communities, and institutions. 

Participants will work in small groups to identify experiences of power over, under, with, and within in the context of institutional racism. In mapping our power as individuals and collectives, the session will explore productive/disruptive politics of power and care. Together we will organize tactics focused on enabling equitable access, elevating the human experience, and encouraging social interaction to support mental health, belonging, inclusion, and retention.

All are welcome including students, staff, firm leadership, faculty (adjunct, part-time, and full-time), administrators, and those interested in entering any educational space. Join us as we confront and challenge institutional racism and other forms of power imbalances.


Dark Matter U (DMU) is a democratic network guided by the principle that we cannot survive and thrive without immediate change toward anti-racist models of design education and practice. Founded in 2020, DMU works inside and outside of existing systems to challenge, inform, and reorient our institutions toward a just future.